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I am getting married next summer and having our reception at Terrace on the Green in Leawood. I recently read a few bad reviews and was curious if anyone else has had any issues (anyone who has gotten married in 2012 - from my understanding there is a new coordinator working there??)

Any advice would be great!

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  • Hi Stef,
    I haven't heard anything about the Terrace but I would bring these reviews up with your coordinator/sales representative there.  Voice your concerns and ask if those have been addressed the staff and how they were corrected.  It's ok to ask tough questions to your vendors, you are the customer and deserve the best service! 
    Best of luck,
  • I agree with Micaela... You are paying a lot of money to have your wedding there. You are paying them to ensure that your day goes as expected, as planned, and as discussed. It's possible that they are unaware of the bad reviews (though not necessarily likely) and you may be the first to address it with them. Good luck!
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    I know someone who just got married this past fall who had their recetpion and ceremony there. They said the reception was amazing and they would definitely recommend them, however they didn't really enjoy how the ceremony was done. Hope this helps!
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