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Yay for involved Fi!

We were headed to a part of town near the Jo-Anne's nearest us on Saturday, and I asked nicely if Fi wouldn't mind looking at the invites I like. He agreed. It was so great! We spent way more time looking at stuff in the wedding isle than I thought we would. He liked the invites, and totally agreed with my logic about them. He helpfully reminded me that if I decide to fancy them up, I have to do it to all of them, and to factor that into whatever time I was planning on spending on them. I showed him the colors I liked in the ribon isle, and he said "well, I guess we do need SOME color..." So I get to have my pink! He just wanted to make sure it wouldn't be on everything. He's been very concerned that I would try to "girl out" the WHOLE wedding and he would end up being prop husband. Unfortunately he didn't like my idea for a picnic theme. He said it made him think of the episode of My Name is Earl with the wedding. I haven't seen it, but that was enough to convince me. I'd been developing that idea for a while, so it was a little hard to let go, but it is OUR wedding and I am all about compromise. So, no basket centerpieces, we will use some sort of low glass vase instead. Here's hoping everyone else's planning is going well too. :)

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