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Wedding Colors Date 4/20/13

Our wedding will be on my parents 28th wedding anniversary! We met on a 3, went on our first date on a 13, started dating on a 23, and he proposed on a 3. Funny thing...I love even numbers...not odd. BUT you gotta go with it! So we decided it on the year 2013. What colors are you guys going with??
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Re: Wedding Colors Date 4/20/13

  • LOL!!! Thats pretty funny! I thought I was the only one who favored even numbers. I didnt even want my wedding in 2013. We met on a 26, started dating on a 18, got engaged on a 28. We're having our wedding on 04/06/13 and I asked him what color he wanted to have it in. He said he doesnt care what the other colors look like as long as he sees blue. I was afraid he was going to say that because there are VERY many different shades of blue. I picked a royal blue because I wanted the color to be bright (thats what comes to my mind when I think of April or Spring) and yellow (to make it even more of a brighter wedding!)  Dont try and find a color that will be hard to find (ex. Watermelon pink!)  Its okay if you change your colors over a million times (like i did!) it takes time!
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  • I just found some cheap favors on the knot that I thought was useful and since you are doing the photobooth... how about glass photo coasters?? Should be 0.79 on the knot!!! We are actually going to insert our engagement photos inside the coasters :)
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  • Our colors are black red and silver. I love black so I knew it was gonna be our color.

  • I love the idea of using the coasters! :)
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  • We're looking at 4/6/13 or 4/13/13...the only thing we have set are our colors!  We're doing slate grey, cream, and shades of purple, with silver accents.
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  • All of ur ideas and colors sound great!!! Our colors are going to be charcoal grey, with pink, whites, and creams as the accents...as for favors i am diy'ing a candy buffet! I have always loved the idea, and plan to do a lot of diy stuff..as i start to play around with stuff i will post pictures...our theme is rustic chic, i am excited to add diy stuff to our wedding... It will feel great to walk in and see the room have our own personal touch!
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