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Louisiana-Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Garden Center

Has anyone been to a ceremony at the Garden Center, or know if they will do ceremonies?

I am looking for a place to have an outdoor courtyard, garden type ceremony in Baton Rouge that is reasonably priced. Any other suggestions would be helpful
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Re: Baton Rouge Garden Center

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    The old governor mansion has a rose garden in the back very beautiful
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    I think the OGM is too expensive for the small cermony we are planning (20-25).
    He calls me his little one. :)

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    I was curious about this also.  I decided to have my ceremony @ bocage plantation in darrow, LA, which is right around gonzales..It is newly renovated and allows outside caterers, which to me is GREAT!!! Prices are reasonable compared to everywheres else.. I believe its $800 for up to 100 ppl.. The only bad part is you have to supply chairs, etc, but U can rent them for about $1.00 a piece.. Good luck n let me know if you find out any info!!!
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    Check out LSU Burden Center on Essen. My cousin got married there and it was really nice. There's two buildings to choose from for the reception. One isn't too fancy on the inside, but we drapped fabric and lights across the ceiling beams. Once we finished decorating, it looked like a totally different place!
    The only bad thing, they don't cater of course.
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    Look at the Hilltop! It is beautiful!
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    Tha GateHouse was AMAZING. My wedding was absolutely fantastic and if I had to do it all over again, I would still have it there! They include the catering, coordinator, DJ, cake, and even centerpieces and linens if you want to use theirs.

    It was about $31 per person for the reception, and I think it was something like $400 for the ceremony. That doesn't include alcohol, which they provided for an additional cost.

    It was SO GREAT to have everything taken care of. Laura was my coordinator and I can't imagine getting through that whirlwind of a night without her.  She had a clipboard with worksheets we filled out ahead of time about everything we wanted to happen and when. She kept things rolling so I didn't have to worry about it, and she got me where I needed to be and made sure I always had a drink in my hand.

    Oh, and they do all the setup and cleanup for you, even if you bring your own decorations/centerpieces, etc.

    I don't have my pro pictures back, but our ceremony was outside under a covered patio with gazebo and tons of flowers. They have an adorable, open courtyard with a little pond and garden. You would have plenty of room for 20-25 people, but it's small enough to still be intimate. We had about 85 guests and I wouldn't recommend many more than that.

    Anyway, you should go see the place! The website is www.stage1gatehouse.com

    This is the best pic I have of the gazebo/garden area so far. Everything you see is what's included. The greenery and arrangements are theirs. It saved us a bundle on the florist bill!

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