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Advice-Bachelorette Party?

I'm getting married June 25th.  My moh lives in Chicago.  She wasn't able to come for my shower, but I visited her a couple months ago to pick out her dress.  I want to do a bachelorette thing back in Chicago (she is too busy to come here) but my wedding is so soon, and I'm going to be out of the country from May 28-June 13.  I have A LOT to do still to get ready (I mean A LOT).  I have three weekends left to prepare not counting this weekend which is another shower and i have to study for an exam or the weekend before the wedding.  Would you use one of those to go to Chicago and goof off or is this critical time?  Would it be weird to do something AFTER the wedding? 

Re: Advice-Bachelorette Party?

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    I think you could have a party after the wedding in Chi-town, but I don't think you should act like its your bach.

    Could you go out a few days before the wedding with your MOH and some other ladies?
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    I voted for after the wedding, but I wouldn't call it a bacherolette... I'd call it Girls night for dinner, drinks, etc...
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    I vote to just go for it! You won't regret the time lost, and the de-stress time will definitely help! :-)
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