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I was looking at your planning bio and saw the you and your FI play a certain  online game :) My FI and I play the same game and are thinking about incorporating that into the wedding. Problem is, I know some of the family won't really understand any references to it, so I'm not sure how to incorporate it. So, my question to you is...are you making any mention of the game in your wedding and, if so, how?

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    Uhh, which game? We've played several but aren't playing any at the moment. We met in Lineage 2, and have played Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and many, MANY open betas.

    We discussed several "nerdy" ideas.

    -wedding favors: little treasure-chest boxes with "gold coins" (the chocolate candies) and gem-colored Hershey Kisses inside
    -tables named after mythical creatures/mobs
    -a custom-made garter with a nerdy theme (I ended up going with Transformers, but you could do WOW easily)
    -quotes from romantic-themed game lore on the programs or wedding favor tags

    We didn't use many of the ideas, but those are some we came up with. We wanted to make sure things were subtle enough that it wouldn't be overwhelming to guests who didn't get it (anyone can understand a romantic quote, regardless of the origin), but obvious enough that our fellow gamer guests would full appreciate it.
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    The garter idea is super cute and so are the quotes. Thanks for the ideas!
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