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Hello Baton Rouge Brides!

I'm new to this board and just wanted to say a quick hello. we live in Prairieville and will be getting married in our own backyard. it's comepletely dead out there right now because of this nasty winter we've h ad so if anyone has some ideas to quick beautify a yard I'd love to hear em!
Oh P.S. the wedding is in June so I have about 3 months to pull it off.

Ciao for now,


Re: Hello Baton Rouge Brides!

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    Hi Jill!  Good luck with all of the planning - I live in Prairieville as well and know allll about what the grass/backyards are looking like! With all of this rain, its nearly impossible to keep things looking pretty.  A backyard wedding sounds beautiful though! Is your ceremony going to be a daytime or a nighttime event?  I would recommend paper lanterns to hang around, those are so fun!
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    Hi, I'm actually relocating to Baton Rouge and I'm a certified arborist.  When is the wedding and what is your vision?  I'm sure I can give you some pointers that won't break the bank.  Trust me, we can turn your dead backyard into paradise!  Since your cost doesn't include a venue, you can really do a LITTLE shopping and get a yard that will have your family and friends talking for years to come.

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    Brazile, I love this idea. I am getting married December 4, 2010 in Baton Rouge and have a big backyard I would love to decorate like the pic you posted-but, I'm on a budget. How would I even begin to go about getting this to happen?
    Any thoughts??
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