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I'm a Mississippi girl who recently moved to Baton Rouge. My fiance and I are getting married in New Orleans, but I thought I would check out the BR community along with the NO one on here. I really should have stayed with the NO one!
I'm actually using Aimee and Ron.....but I know nothing about them besides what I've seen on their website. My fiance has known them for awhile so we're using them for that reason. I can see where some of you are coming from and I have to admit it has made me a little nervous. But anyway, I guess I will be posting some pics on here in the next couple of months of their work with us and hope that helps the tone around here. The last thing we all need is more drama!

Re: wow....

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    That drama was over a month ago, I think. This is just a very slow board.

    But, by all means we'd love to see pictures when you have them. Laughing
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