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I know some of you girls have used the Rev. John Zimmer...because yall recommended him! I just talked to him and I'm super pleased. Lovin' yall knotties right about now. One question though: He marked it on his calendar suggested I send the payment in and said not to worry about anything else! I trust him but it's the type A in me. SO! my question is, Zimmer brides: did ya get anything in writing? did he show up on time? did you call him to confirm?

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    aaahhh!!!!  i am in the same boat.  we are getting married march 13th.  but all of the girls on here say that's just how he operates, and my planner says the same about him.  they all say he is wonderful, but knows his stuff.  i confess, i am also super type A...when i sent him the check to pay i had a word doc printed off with all pertinent info on there.  and yes, i will have another at the wedding.
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    I sent Rev.. Zimmer a check and had no problems with him at all.  I spoke with him a little about what I wanted for the ceremony and with the check I sent in some vows we liked and a reading.  I then had my fiance follow up with him a couple of weeks before the wedding just to make sure everything was all set.  Rev. Zimmer was very punctual (I guess about 15 minutes early at least) and everything went great.  If you google under videos "micah and noelle's wedding in new orleans" you can see out entire 9 minute ceremony.  We wanted something very short and sweet. 
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    Thats wierd, when  i booked him about a year ago ( for May 8 2010) he told me i didnt need to send in a deposit. Maybe i'll call him now just to check in....
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    We are using him too- he doesn't *require* a deposit, but he did suggest just paying the balance in advance, since it would be easier/less awkward than him trying to get paid the day of the ceremony! :)

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    Don't worry about a thing!  John did our wedding in November and he was amazing!  I called him a couple of months before the big day and asked if we could meet in person...I just wanted to get to know the guy who would be marrying us.  He agreed and we met for about an hour at Borders on vets.  He went over the ceremony with my fiance and I, and that was when we gave him his check.  And yes, he showed up on time and our ceremony was wonderful.  People still talk about it! 
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    How do I get in touch with him?  I want to book him for our wedding but I don't have any contact info.  Also, does anyone mind telling me how much he charged? Thanks!
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