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Louisiana-New Orleans

Vendor Reviews 1/8/2010

We had a winter wonderland wedding and somehow we had it on the coldest day of the year which was perfect! We had a lot of fun, but it seems like it went by so fast! These vendor reviews helped me out alot in my plannaing, so this is me returning the favor to future brides out there! Good luck to you all!

S.W.A.K. Makeup Artistry-Hair and makeup A+ Gwen Asaro is the owner and she did my hair and make up for the wedding and engagement photos. She did a fantastic job and I recieved many complimets on it!

Greg Randon-Photographer A+ Greg has been a friend of our family for many years and he did a wonderful job. He took so many pictures, I can't wait to make a book! He did a great job especially during the ceremony because I barely knew he was there! Highly reccomended.

Big Easy Limos-Transportation A+ There limos were very clean. They were right on time and I was late and they gave me no problems about it! The driver was so nice. There was one point when I was in the limo waiting to get out and I started panicking and he calmed me down!

Metairie Ridge Presbyterian-Church A+ This church was actually suggested to us by another knottie because we were looking for a Presbyterian church that was a good price. This church is big and beautiful! Rev Jack Boudreaux officiated the ceremony and he was great and kept the mood light during the rehersal and the ceremony.

Champagne Palace-Reception hall A++ Jay the owner is fantastic! I will reccomend this place to everyone. He was willing to work for us and he just made our wedding planning experience so much better and I felt at ease having the reception here. Highly, Highly reccomended!

Etsy-Miscellaneous items A+ OMG! I LOVE this site! This site and the sellers helped make our wedding somewhat unique. Our cake topper was made by http://www.etsy.com/shop/lynnslittlecreations everyone raved about our topper! We also had our ring pillow made by someone on this site but they are taking a break. If you are looking for unique or custom wedding items be sure to look here first!

Les Deux Soeurs-Florist C- Ugh! Where do I begin! I had such high hopes for my flowers! I paid almost $2500 for 6 bouquets, 7 bout, 1 lambs ear purse and about 5 corsages and 2 alter arrangements. When I received the bouquets I wanted to cry! Mine was beautiful but my girls were WILTED! Flowers were falling out and the leaves at the base were hanging! Also I was told that my maid of honors bouquet was gonna be bigger and nicer than the other girls so it would make her stand out...well the only thing that was different was her bouquet didn't have crystals in it and all the other girls' did! So she got the worst bouquet of all the girls! The only reason I didn't give her a worse rewiew is because they are very nice and she just had a baby right before my wedding...even though that's no excuse!

Pearl's Place-Bridal and bridesmaids dresses A+ My expreience here was very nice which I was thankful for because I know other girls have had some issues here. My dress was perfect and my bridesmaids dresses were wonderful. My flower girl's dress was huge when we got it, but that was my fault and they made it fit her perfect!

John's Tuxedos-A+ All of the men looked fantastic and handsome! Everyone here was very nice and professional. Highly reccomended!

Gem Printing-Invitations A+ They didn't have too many snowflake designs to choose from but they went through every book for me to help me find every one they had! We got lots of compliments on them and the price was reasonable too!

Ralph's On The Park-Rehersal Dinner A++ I'm so happy other knotties suggested this place! It was beautiful and at a good price. Everyone who went loved it and had a great time. They make menus with your and your fiances name on it! The wait staff was wonderful. Overall a great night!

If I remember anything else I will post it at the bottom. But I wanna thank past knotties for helping. This board is fantastic for planning and I'm gonna miss it.
Future brides, Just remember to take it easy and don't forget that the wedding is for you and your husband, I tried to please everyone and I missed out on a lot of the reception. Remember to dance and have a good time! Good luck and I look forward to seeing your pictures and reviews soon!

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Re: Vendor Reviews 1/8/2010

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    So glad your day was special! I am having my wedding at Champange Palace as well! DId you have any issses with them on the day of and did you use their decor or bring in your own?
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    Saw your pictures and everything looked great! :) So happy everything went well!! My day is coming in 36 days! Ahhh! <3

  • slappy985slappy985 member
    edited December 2011
    Lindsay I didn't realize this was you until I put two and two togethor.  You definitely look different from work clothes.  Where did you honeymoon? 
  • LLeeD14LLeeD14 member
    edited December 2011
    yzzil2004 -Thank you, and yes I did use most of their decor. They ask u which centerpieces you want and I went with candles instead of fake flowers. I added snowflakes on the reserve tables and on the cake and buffet tables. He also let me put a vinyl snowflake with our names on it on the bar. Everything was close to perfect on the day of! The only prob was it was so cold outside that thy couldn't get the torch to light, no biggie though! GL

    Beth-Yes it's me! Ryan has been telling me alot about your wedding! He seems excited. It's coming soon! GL to you guys too!

    Meg-Yours will be here before you know it! Enjoy every second!
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  • LLeeD14LLeeD14 member
    edited December 2011
    Beth-I forgot to answer you...We went to Jackson Hole, WY. We love the snow! It was wonderful neither one of us wanted to leave!
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