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Best time for an outdoor wedding??

Hello! My fiancee and I are planning to be married in 2013 some time after May. My quesiton is, what is the best month to have an outdoor wedding in New Orleans? I DO NOT want to sweat in my dress, but I don't want it to be cold and raining either. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Best time for an outdoor wedding??

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    October and April have the best temperatures.  April will be rainier than October based on the historical averages.  In the spring the driest month is May, but it can get really hot.  We got married on May 15 and there was a fluke cold front that came through so the temperatures were perfect for us but it would have been pretty warm if that had not happened.  
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    Thanks so much for the advice! October would be perfect. The only thing I'm worried about is rain, of course, but the fall is beautiful! 
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    We chose October for our outdoor wedding. Hopefully we will avoid rain. I would just watch out for big events and avoid booking the same week as voodoofest, hotel prices will go up then.
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    Ditto October and April...we are having our wedding in April.
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    Our wedding is in April!  Day before Easter..  Laughing  Just try to have a backup plan in case it does rain... Our ceremony & reception is at the same place (plantation) except our reception is beneath a pavillion so that if it does rain, my decorator will just move my cake and table and we will have the ceremony under the pavillion area.
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