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Married Knotties- Actual Headcount Vs RSVP

Hey yall- I posted this forever ago, but wanted to check back in for those of you that have gotten married since then....trying to get a grasp with this economy how many you had actually come and who bailed.

**Were you a bride who had a a lot of NOLA guests?  Or all OOT?
**Of your YES RSVPs, how many actually showed?
**How many did not RSVP, but showed anyways? 


Re: Married Knotties- Actual Headcount Vs RSVP

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    We were expecting 150 and got 130. About 50% were OOT
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    I had 140 RSVP and around 100 show up. My guests were about 50/50 OOT and local.
  • becker.amandabecker.amanda
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    About 75% of our guests were OOT.

    We invited 325 (includes the +1 invites to singles). 195 RSVPed. 190 showed (2 locals messed up the date, 1 familyh of 3 OOTers had a family emergency).
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    we invited 325, 130 RSVP'd yes, and 120 showed....more than 50% were OOTers...and the 10 that didn't show, 2 were locals (that also messed up the date), the other 8 were OOTers that had an emergency come up.
  • meganfauermeganfauer
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    We invited about 340 (this included and guest) we had 167 RSVP yes (and I would say 80% of my guests were from out of town) and 160 showed up.
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    About 20% were form out of town.

    We were expecting 230 and about 200 showed up.
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