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August wedding too hot?

I'm an OOT bride who hasn't spent a summer in the south in far too long!  Question is: my guy and I were thinking of an August 21st wedding starting at sundown, with either the ceremony or reception outside.  Do you think the heat would be unbearable for our guests (most are coming from southern Alabama)?  We may just push it back to next spring to keep everyone happy and cool!

Re: August wedding too hot?

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    August is not only very hot here, but in the heart of hurricane season.  A wedding outdoors in August would probably be way to hot for most people.  Sorry...
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    i was going through the same concerns about a spring vs. summer wedding in new orleans. ours is in june.
    i do think august is too hot if you want it to be outside. if you didn't want to wait until next spring consider later september or october- even though it's fall it doesn't feel like it!
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    I had a feeling that would be the consensus :(  We would push it back later in the fall but most guests are avid college football fans and we can't find an open date.  We're going to visit venues next month and maybe that will be the deciding factor.  Thanks!!
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    I definitely think it is too hot in August....unbearable really...and you definitely don't want to have to worry about hurricanes.
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    I hate to say it but it will likely be over 100 degrees during the day in August and even when there aren't hurricanes, there is usually a big rain storm every afternoon.
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    i have to agree- august will be pretty miserable- pretty much june through september, it's going to be super hot and humid....if you were dead set on it, you could always do an indoor reception- can't beat the prospect of air conditioning!

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