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Second Dress

Hi Ladies.  I have a question....Is anyone doing a second dress for the reception?  My grown is very princess like, fluffy with a bunch of detail and beading.  Great for a formal but not so much for partying.  I want to be able to have fun and party it up at the reception.  I was thinking of a changing to a more form fitting dress after the cake cutting.  Has anyone done this before?  If so, were you more comfortable or did it matter at all?
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Re: Second Dress

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    I'm not married yet but I think you should go for it! I plan to do this as well. When I asked FI what type of dress he wants to see me in he mentioned "sexy" and "cleavage". I figured I'd surprise him with a sexy second dress. I would probably make sure its after the cake cutting and first dance. But then I want to change and party!
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  • sep72fendrsep72fendr member
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    If I didn't pay so darn much for my dress, I would totally have done a second dress! Something tea length I think, so that way I could show off my shoes but still be able to move. There's this one Jason Alexander dress that I'm in <3 with that I think would be awesome.

    I say do it! It's your day to feel like a princess, do whatcha want girl! If you wanna change into something sexy and fun for the reception, do it! I bet your future hubby will appreciate the ease of removal later hahaha
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  • loislane906loislane906 member
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    I thought about it, but then realized that I absolutely love my dress and wouldn't want to have it on for just a short amount of time. You're going to spend a lot more time in the reception dress if you do a second one. Just a thought!
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  • KellyRVTKellyRVT member
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    My dress was pretty expensive, and I love it. I can't imagine wearing anything else for the whole evening. But, mine is easier to move in than a princess dress.

    I say go for it if you find one you like!
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    I briefly considered it, but I absolutely loved my dress so much and I had spent more than I wanted to on it, there was no way in hell I was taking it off.

    That being said, there are many ladies out there that have or are going to change into another dress for the reception. It is perfectly fine.
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  • sisterlizzysisterlizzy member
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    I have one for my wedding ceremony/reception in France (Fiance is french) but weddings in France last till like 5am so I think around midnight (the end of dinner) I'll want to take the thing off, plus it will be my second time wearing my wedding dress. I bought one that is fancy enough to still wear at my wedding, but casual enough that I'll probably wear it on our honeymoon for a nice dinner out. I've always loved the scene from Father of the Bride when she has her exit in that 90's business suit and love the idea of a wardrobe change, so glamorous haha.
  • sherise40sherise40 member
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    My dress is form fitting and very comfy so I didnt even think of getting a second dress. But if you think you will be uncomfortable I would say def get another dress.  Is there a way to take away some of the 'fluff' after the cake tasting. I know some dresses have a way to take off the train or the detach the bottom some way to make it a tea length. Maybe your alterations lady can make it so you can take some of the fluff off to make the dress a little more managable. Does that make sense....lol

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  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    Two-dress bride here.  I am wearing a different dress for partying exactly for the reason you said.  I think it's important to be comfortable.
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    Thanks gals.  Yeah I think I'm gonna go for it.  My gown was ridiculously expensive but my parents paid for it.  So when I asked my mom and dad what they thought about me purchasing my own 2nd dress for the reception to wear after the cake and 1st dance she was all for it.  Both of my parents thought it was a great idea and less chance the big expensive dress would get anything on it.  So I just ordered a nice form fitting chiffon Vera Wang little number and I'm pumped!!!!
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