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Hello all,

I've just started my search for a wedding videographer. A friend of mine just started his own comp. doing this and has some amazing videos but i didn't know if $2500 is too much or average or if i'm getting a great deal? Anyone know about pricing for this?

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Re: videographers?

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    Well I'm using Addvision and for all day coverage it is 1500. And another good company to look at for pricing is Prodigy
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    I think thats high...I am also using ADDVision... Mine is like $2k but thats including a slideshow as well.
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    I'm using Schubert Video from Cambridge, OH. If you become a fan on Facebook they give you 10% off.

    I decided to do all day coverage, mic on groom, multi camera coverage during ceremony and with tax I'm spending $963.

    They seem to be a great company and you can even call them and get a free copy of a DVD they already made so you can see the quality.

    Here is their website....http://www.schubertvideoproductions.com/

  • mandies2happymandies2happy member
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    well for the $2500 i'd get coverage w/ 2 camera men one would go with josh and one with me for pre wedding stuff. Like makeup and hair etc. then they do a "highlights video" they set it to music and it looks like a movie trailer, 3 copies one for grooms fam, mine and the couple, he can put it all on blue ray. so i'd get 2 dvd's #1- highlight video & ceremony
    #2- highlight video & reception
    its done in a documentry style. I'm sorry i just really don't know if this is worth the cost? Here is a link to their vimeo page. Watch it and let me know what you think. I just can't run this by family cuz we are trying not to tell them what we are paying for things. THey think $200 for a wedding cake is too much so if they know we spent $650 they are gonna FREAK out :)
    I think i'd be getting lots and since he is here in my home town i may get a discount since he won't have to travel.
    Thanks all
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    Picking a videographer is TOUGH!

    But this is one thing that we wanted to splurge on.  We wanted a videographer who can do HD and BluRay.

    So through another vendor we were referred to Aimee at Encore DVD Productions.  She works out of her house and she is AMAZING!!!  So talented.  We went to visit with her and she simply showed us the differences between SD (Standard Definition) and HD (1080).  It was a huge difference.  And we don't think it will be obsocolete (spelling?) 5 years after our wedding day.

    If you give her a call and/or meet with her you won't be disappointed!

    (614) 537 - 8178

  • emanosemanos member
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    i am using prodigy videohd. check out their blog online.  I thought they had the best deal for the money.  Also, I saw them at a wedding...and they tripods or any of that stuff that can be very distracting to guests...they just blended in!
  • mandies2happymandies2happy member
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    well i guess i was wrong on the pricing, for what i wanted i guess it's only $2000 do u think I should do it. I'm so sorry to bug you all about this but i"m just soooo lost about this one :) who better to understand this than my fellow brides :)
    thanks again ladies
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