Anyone getting married on April 26, 2014

I need help ladies. Is anyone getting married on April 26,2014 or knows someone who is? I purchased a Day of Coordinator and now my wedding is cancelled due to a military move. Her normal charge is approximately $1800 for the package I choose. I have paid $1005 so far and I make monthly payments of $52.94 until the wedding. She told me that I could sell what I have paid to another person otherwise, I lose what I paid already and more. The remaining balance to be paid to her is $795 ($52.94 monthly payments). If someone would like to take over payments and work out a price with me on what I have already paid, that would great. I am really open on my price.

Please email me at if interested and want to know more about the package. It's a great package that includes the wedding planner, plus two assistants and much more!
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Re: Anyone getting married on April 26, 2014

  • Do you have a contract? Look it over carefully.  There ought to be a cancellation policy included.  Your wedding is almost 16 months away that should be plenty of time for the coordinator to rebook.

    Honestly, I would seriously hesitate to do business with someone that refused to refund money for an event 16 months away cancelled because of a military move.  The person sounds like they care more about their bottom line than about actually helping the bride.

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  • I understand where you are coming from.  I do have a cancellation policy and it says that I have to pay another 30% to cancel.  I mentioned how far out it is and she said that she has had to turn others away because I had taken the day.  I am at a loss.
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  • I am sorry that the vendor isn't working with you more.  That stinks.  I hope you can find someone that will take the contract.
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  • WOW, for a " Military Move" that is sad on her part, as we had to change out date due to Eric tour lasted longer than we thought it would but you know military things, but our vendors were great on that, but then we worked with vendors who repect military. So sorry to hear this, she could rebook,,Shame on her.
  • I agree.  Is she a friend or a friend of a friend?  If not you may want to let her know that you understand the position she is in but you or your husband to be is out there protecting her freedom and try to negotiate 15%. 

    You may let her know you asked on the knot and hadn't used her name but maybe others will want to know.   I am sure most of her business is word of mouth and not working with a military family is just bad business.

    Thanks, for supporting our country.
  • Thanks everyone. I mentioned to her everyone's comments that I received on the boards and she just waived the cancellation fee. We still lost $1000 but that was better than paying another $600 to cancel.
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