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Flowers By Mel: A+++ -- I didn't know exactly what I wanted for a bouquet, except for the color and I received the most beautiful bouquet ever. Fall colors galore. I was in love. Also, my tall centerpieces were amazing! Cannot say enough about how amazing they did.

Prime Time Party Rental: A+++ --They supplied our chivari chairs and margharita glasses. The price was 10 times better than any place in Columbus (They are out of Dayton). If you are renting, feel free to price check againt them.

Margharita Man : A --They were a big hit, even though they were non alcoholic. Very reasonable prices.

Bridal n Tux : B - Got my dress from here. They were very accommodating, since I'm a plus size girl, and had a great selection.

OZONE : A--We had an open bar after party and it was fabulous. My guests could play pool, darts, cornhole, and the dj spun all night. We had a blast! Can't recommend them enough and their bartenders are sweethearts.

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    When you say Mel's Flowers, was it Flowers by Mel or some other company? If it is another business, please share a link with their website. I like to check out things I'm still looking for when going through other's vendor reviews. Thanks.
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    hey where was the briday and tux place, is that in cbus? thanks! im just now preparing my wedding looking for good vendors so ne advice you can give me on anything would be great! we have the band already for entertainment and have the venues and photographer but other than that i am open to any advice you can give!
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    Sorry, yes, Flowers by Mel did an amazing job. Cannot say enough about them.

    The Bridal n Tux place is actually in dayton, but only about an hour away from here. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the review on Margarita Man! We're thinking about using him for our Key West/ Margaritaville - inspired wedding. Glad to know it was a hit!
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    What exactly is Ozone and what did it cost to rent for the night? We are trying to plan an after event too.
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    Ozone is a local bar that is located about 1.5 miles down from 23 and 270. They actually didn't charge us for the space because we technically didn't rent out the whole bar. They set up a little VIP area for us, the dj was spinning whatever we wanted, and even set up beer pong. it's a small bar with not a lot of patrons so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. For 30ish guests and unlimited drinking, In the end, with 22% tip (they were awesome), I think I spent 800? And we also had pizzas/snacks for our guests so they didn't get too wasted, plus it covered pool and darts.
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