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Cheap wedding venues in Louisville

my fiance and I hoping for a June 26th wedding.  Due to the economy and wonderful company downsizing we are still looking for a venue for the wedding and now need it to be reasonably priced.  There are so many lovely places in Louisville but most of them are priced out of our range.  We have a guest list of approximately 100.  Does anyone know of a pretty place around the area?  We want a simple place, nothing too fancy or ornate.  Or even better if seomone knows of a church that will perform non member ceremonies that would be great.  We are completely open to counseling if that is one of the stipulations.

Re: Cheap wedding venues in Louisville

  • RosemaryCBRosemaryCB
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    What is your budget?  Also--Highlands Baptist, St. Paul's United Methodist in The Highlands, First Unitarian Church downtown, Caldwell Chapel, and Third Lutheran Church on Frankfort Avenue ALL allow non-members to get married there for a fee.  Some are more than others, but if you go to their web sites you can see their fees. 
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    You might want to check into Duncan memorial Chapel.  It is outside Louisville in Crestwood.  I am not sure the exact price.  It was too small for my wedding.
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    If you are open to outdoors, check out Bernhiem Forest and EP Tom Sayer Park has a new community center and grounds area for weddings.  I second the Duncan Memorial suggestion as well.  I believe its $175 or so for 2 hours. Most people recommend 2 time slots though so that would sun you about $350. 

    If you can give us some more details about what you are looking for exactly and an overall budget, we can give more specific suggestions too.  Laughing
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    I had already looked at Duncan and was sad to see that it is going to be to tiny for the amount of people.  The grounds were beautiful but we both have very large families.  I would prefer not to spend more than 500 between ceremony and reception venues, but understand that I may just be outta luck on that hope.  Tom Sawyer is actually and excellent idea, I was unaware of a community center at the park, we will certainly be checking into that.  I very much appreciate the ideas and help, when you think about one thing for so long sometimes you end up with a block.
  • latina40299latina40299
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    Check out the Nunnlea House ,they're not expensive at all !!

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    I sent you a Private message bpotter1982.  Check it out and let me know if you are interested.
  • Hello everyone, im looking for a venue for my wedding next year. not looking for anything expensive. a place that can hold 200. my family will do the cooking. anything please. thanks
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