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I just thought I would let you all know that Simply Elegant Bridal is amazing!!!  I thought you all should know what wonderful service they have. I went all over town looking for dresses and they were the best by far. I had a very hard time finding a dress. I even had a complete meltdown in their fitting area (it was really bad) and they were wonderful the whole time. The sales women are very tactful but also honest with you. The shop is elegant with a very roomy and comfortable area to try on dresses. They have a great selection and they have a wide range of prices from $600-$3500 on dresses.  I also appreciated the fact that they made an effort to ensure that I was fully covered before I left the dressing room. When the dresses didn't close in the back they used fabic and clips to ensure that none of my underware were hanging out. They did this every time and also made a point of presenting me to my mom and MOH with each dress.   Anyway... it took three tries with them but I found my dress and I am thrilled.

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    I'm glad you had a great experience with them.  Glad you can check the dress off your list. 
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    This is great to read.  I saw them at the wedding show in Chesterfield and really liked the fashion show they did.  I have an appointment with them on Tuesday.
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