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Sweetheart Table

Is anyone doing a sweetheart table instead of the usual head table? If so what are what are you planning on doing with the rest of your bridal party in terms of seating?

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    I'm getting married on Saturday, and we are doing a sweetheart table. It just made sense for our venue...we have a smaller wedding party and didn't want to do a huge head table. Our wedding party is sitting at a round table like the other guests. But they will have some special decorations/flowers on the their table. Good luck.
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    Yes - we are doing the sweetheart tables. Haven't exactly figured out who sits where yet until we see how many of the wedding party bring guests, but we will have 2-3 tables of wedding party, their guests, and probably our parents at the main tables.
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    We are doing a sweetheart table as well.  Our setup will be something like:My Mom (parents are divorced, but get along FABULOUSLY!) and my brother (who is an usher) with her date and his two kids.My Dad and his date plus the man who is marrying us (who is also one of his best friends) and his wife.His Mom and Dad, his Grandmother, his uncle (who is a groomsman) and his fiance.Best man and his family.Maid of Honor and her family.Bridesmaid and her family, which includes the two flowergirls and one ring bearer. The tables are going to line each side of the dance floor with floral centerpieces.  The rest of the centerpieces are candles, so not only will it make a nice border for the dance floor with the flowers but it will differentiate those tables as being reserved. It sounds like alot of tables and alot of space, but we are only seating 6 people per table, so it ought to work out just about perfect.  :-)  Our venue has 6 ft long tables but they are skinnier than a standard buffet table so we will be putting two together.  That way we CAN put more than 6 at a table if someone wants to move their chairs around, but everyone will be comfortable regardless of how they choose to gather up.
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