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DJ's - Need advice (good, bad, or indifferent)

Hi Brides (future or previous),I am seeking information on DJ's in the area.  We'd like to stay in the price range of $800-1,000 for 5 hours of service on a Saturday evening in July.  I have heard stories from friends and relatives that are not always consistent, so I thought I'd ask you ladies.  What do you know about these DJ's?  Do you have anyone in particular from the company that you'd recommend?  What did you like or dislike about them?  Porta Party DJ's (they are a little more costly)A Rockin' DJ- Jimmy HusseySounds of Success DJCreative Services DJSunshine Entertainment GroupIf you have others to recommend or to steer clear from, feel free to advise. Thanks girls!  :o)Melissa + Doug7+3=10 

Re: DJ's - Need advice (good, bad, or indifferent)

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    We met with Jimmy Hussey and Tom Rotter (not on your list).  Both DJ's really knew what they were talking about and were awesome.  I've also read great reviews on both on stlweb.com.  We chose Tom in the end b/c he really seemed to fit with our personalities a lot more.  I haven't heard about the other DJ's on your list, but highly recommend meeting each one in person.  We were set on Jimmy until we met with Tom.  I also recommend adding Tom to your list.  He's right in your price range. 
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    Thanks so much for your input.  I corresponded with Jimmy Hussey today and really like him so far!  He has an awesome voice and seems very professional.  He's also in our price range!  I'll have to check out the other fella you mentioned too. Thanks again!  :o)
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    As far as DJ's go...you can't go wrong with Jimmy Hussey or Tom Rotter. Both highly recommended by all the brides I asked. We only met with Jimmy b/c Tom never returned our emails or calls. Jimmy was personable and so into making the day about you and the groom. We booked him on the spot. A few months later we got an email from Tom saying that he was having email and phone problems and had just gotten our messages. Oh well. My wedding is still far off but I have no doubts that Jimmy will make the reception fun! I also have never heard of the other dj's on the list. As far as I am concerned you can't go wrong with other brides recommendations.
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    I have been corresponding with Jimmy and he seems terrific!  I absolutely love his voice and he seems like a true professional.  Thanks again for all of your recs and "words of wisdom"!  :o) Melissa
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