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Reception halls that let you bring your own caterer.....

I've got over a year to go, but I'm trying to find a modestly priced hall that will let me bring my own caterer. The catch is that we might need it for close to 300 guests.

Re: Reception halls that let you bring your own caterer.....

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    Is there a specific area of the city you are wanting to stay in? From my experience when we looked it was more cost effective to just go with a venue that had everything there. By the time the caterer brings in the utensils, plates, glasses, etc. it gets very pricey. There are some gret venues that are reasonably priced that have it all for you. Not sure what part of the city you are looking in; however Orlando's has great staff and can do a lot more than people give them credit for, I have heard Hendri's in South City is good. We also have a large guest list and found that the Lemp Grand Hall is a good value for what you get and Patty and Mary have been fabulous to work with.
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    Right now we haven't decided if we're going to have the reception in the St. Charles/St. Peters area near my family and our church, or nearer to his family around the Lemay Ferry area. Part of that may hinge on what we find out for the hall. My problem with going somewhere that does everything for you is that I don't want typical wedding food. I'm just not a roast beef and penne pasta with red sauce kind of girl. (I know I'm stereotyping.) But we do have some connections with a couple places that cater, so we might have a nice discount on our food if we get it outside of the venue. I am familiar with Orlando Gardens, so maybe I'll check out what their menu looks like. Keeping options open is a good thing. 
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    There is always the maryland heights centre that you could look into.  It should be able to fit your guest list.  You can bring in your own catering and alcohol.  You can make it work to your advantage if you have those connections.  We thought about it but then decided that we are just going to go with Orlando Gardens since they will take care of everything.
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    I just bought the St. Louis Bride magazine to help me out with reception venues and they have a little section in the back that tells you how many people different venues can hold, whether they do their own catering or allow outside catering, and whether or not there's a facility fee. It has over 100 reception sites, so that might be worth picking up. That's how we actually found our reception site. Just scanning the page for St. Charles it looks like the Foundry Art Centre seats 420 and allows you the choice of your own caterer. Other than that it looks like most of the venues are either too small (like the conservatory) or are in downtown St. Louis.
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    The only one i can think of off the top of my head is the Edge of Webster, which is pretty nice.  A close friend of mine had her reception there, and it was lovely.  Not sure if it would hold 300 though.
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