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Hey, can you tell me how you went about breaking your contract with Trotter? We're getting married in March and were thinking about doing the same thing, and actually have a photographer that is family friend that is able to offer us much more that Trotter is, and does the work that we are looking with. But, we've already put down a deposit with them, and really don't want to throw away $400 (which I realize in the grand scheme of things is rather small). Thanks!
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    Hi there - congrats on your upcoming wedding! We took the advice of our new photographer by hitting them with all forms of communication to ensure no confusion in our cancellation. My first step was to call them and cancel over the phone. My second step was to write a letter of cancellation to them, and mail it to them via certified mail (I think all this meant was that they had to sign to get the letter and I had confirmation of their receipt as well as tracking access). Following their receipt of the certified letter, they sent me an email to ask my reason for switching (was the wedding off or had we switched to a new photographer?). I had never signed a contract with them; the only thing I had done was put down a $250 deposit. I lost the deposit but there was nothing they could do about the late cancellation because there was no contract; I don't know if this is their standard practice or if they forgot to have me sign the contract. I didn't feel too, too bad about losing the deposit because 1) you're right - in the grand scheme of the budget, it was small and 2) we had our engagement photos done with them and 1 of the pics was usable for our save-the-dates.In all, it was pretty painless to cancel. And like I said, completely worth it. Good luck! Let me know if there is any other info that would be helpful to you!
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