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Secular Ceremony Venue

I need some advice from my local ladies.  I'm looking to have my wedding in the downriver area. I will probably be holding the reception at Arnaldo's but I need to start looking for a ceremony venue. Here's the dilemma, my fiance and I are not religious and we are not interested in having our cremony in a church, much to my parent's dismay. Any suggestions about finding a suitable venue to hold a secular wedding ceremony? My parents are trying to pull all of the strings because they are helping us pay for it. They will not let me have an outdoor ceremony so any parks are out. Got anything for me?

Oh, the stress......

Re: Secular Ceremony Venue

  • See my entry in the post just below. While it is a "chapel", ie a church-like building, it is non-demoninational and you can have a secular officiant. Our DJ was also licensed to perform ceremonies in Michigan, so we used him, LOL. Gave him the vows we wanted.

    Not too far from downriver, right off I-275, the 8 Mile exit, about a half mile east of I-275.
  • Crystal Gardens little chapel is nice, There is the chapel on the green in Riverview (smaller than crystal gardens) thats on sibley rd, there is the chapel in heritage park taylor, someone told me that Arnaldos also does ceremonies there, but Ive never heard of that. Greenfield village has a cute little chapel (my friend got married there), Im not sure when your wedding is, but its too bad they dont want it outside because my girlfriend had theres at Grecian Center outside and it was so nice! These are all I can think of now so good luck to you!
  • Look outside the box a little, we are getting married in a conservatory in west Bloomfield bc we also didn't want a church, basically it looks like a greenhouse. Think of local place that you love that may accommodate you. Many reception sites also have ceremony sites, too. Good luck!!
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