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I have been searching all over the internet for ideas for a substitute to wedding rings. My FH cannot wear jewelry while he is working and would prefer not to wear any jewelry at all. My engagement ring is made differently than most rings and did not come as part of a set. I would have to have a wedding band custom made if I wanted to wear the 2 together and I much prefer wearing the ring I already have.

Therefore,  I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies had any ideas, besides tattoos, of what we could use in the ceremony instead of the bands.

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Re: Wedding ring substitutes

  • You can just use your engagement ring if you want.  No need for another band.

    Also, it didn't used to be customary for men to wear rings.  My grandfather never had one used in the ceremony, only my grandmother received a ring.

    He could give you the ring and you could give him some other type of jewlery or symbol, but you could also just skip that part all together.
  • The only thing that comes to mind is this -

    During the ceremony he presents you with a ring and you present him with cufflinks or a tie clip and have them both engraved with the wedding date or something special for each other.

    I'm not sure if this is a good idea...I haven't had my caffeine yet but I do understand your situation and I hope you find something you like.
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    The only thing that comes to mind is this - During the ceremony he presents you with a ring and you present him with cufflinks or a tie clip and have them both engraved with the wedding date or something special for each other. I'm not sure if this is a good idea...I haven't had my caffeine yet but I do understand your situation and I hope you find something you like.
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    I love these ideas. I think that I will use a combination of the two. Have him present my engagement ring to me (perhaps have him have it engraved) and I would give him either a pair of cufflinks or maybe even a fancier watch than the one he has and have it engraved. I knew if I asked you ladies that a brilliant idea would come about! Thank you so much!
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  • My FI prefers not to wear a ring on his either.  We've been discussing picking up an inexpensive tungsten carbide ring from JVL Jewelry (they have a few promo codes floating around) to use during the ceremony.  He plans to wear it on a chain instead.
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    I have a job where I can't wear jewelry, and I still plan on having a wedding band.  Even with my e-ring, I wear it whenever I'm awake and not at work (or not in the gym).  I plan on doing the same with a wedding band.

    So I find the whole "he can't wear a ring" thing to be a little odd.  Surely he will want to wear one when he's not at work?  If he's worried about it being uncomfortable since he's not used to jewelry, then perhaps he can try a lightweight metal like titanim or tungsten, and a comfort-fit band.   

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    Wedding rings for men didn't become a custom until the last century.  Many men CAN'T wear them due to their jobs (electricians are a good example). There are lots of options (perhaps a necklace).  Why do you need anything material at all?
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    I was actually thinking of having a baby tree... Having our ring bearer (yes, I asked his mom if he could be the ringbearer before I thought of the actual lack of rings) pull it down the aisle in a wagon and have one of us explain that we will be planting the tree outside our home as a symbol of our love for each other growing as well as the growth of our two families and so on. I haven't thought the whole thing up yet but that is something that I am considering....
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  • My dad does HVAC for a living, and he really wanted to wear a ring, so when he and my mom first got married, they bought him a really nice band for the ceremony and special occasions, as well as a cheaper gold band for him to wear on the job. Over the years, he's destroyed more rings than we can count-so don't think that I'm recommending he wear a ring to work if it's dangerous ... but he still has the nice band from their ceremony that he wears whenever he's not at work. So ... if he wanted a ring for home, that's always an option.

    If he just doesn't want a ring period, but is open to another kind of jewelry, I also like the idea of presenting him with a watch during the ceremony, with some sort of mention about the significance of your "time" together, or something like that.

    As for you, if you just want to stick with wearing your e-ring, that's fine. I know lots of women that only wear their e-ring or wedding band for some reason or other. Whatever makes you both happy is fine.

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  • They actually sell silicone rings for men (or women) - My Fiance is an electrician and can get electrocuted from wearing any kind of metal on his hands - so he opted for an entire case of silicone rings (hilarious to the both of us that he is wearing what could be (or have been?) someones boob on his finger)
    I know him all to well, he's unbelievably accident prone, and I would rather him be safe then sorry - the silicone rings will snap off if it gets caught in machinery and he wont get electrocuted :)

  • wedding rings are supposed to be a visible symbol of commitment, and the ring itself represents a never ending love as the circle as no beginning and no end. If he doesnt want a ring theres no rule saying you must have one, but i wouldnt replace it with something else, it kind of devalues the symbolism for everyone who opts to use a ring to me to just replace it was a tree or something else thats been picked out the same as picking out centerpieces or something. I would leave that part out entirely and just do your vows and end with the kiss if I was in that position. (or i would suck it up and find rings, and maybe find a way to display them in your home or on a necklace or something if wearing them every day is the problem)

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  • If that's what works best for you and you're both happy with it I think it's fine if you just want to use your engagement ring and for your fiance to skip wearing a ring if it's not practical for him and he doesn't want to wear one.  Prince William isn't wearing a wedding band but that didn't make his wedding to Kate Middleton any less lovely.
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    I disagree with a PP saying that chosing something other than a ring devalues the meaning for those with rings.  In no way does what one person does devalue what another does.

    It is all preference and symbolism.  And honestly today is all marketing. 

    Do whatever you chose to do and make it true to the two of you.   I think that a tree is a lovely idea! 
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  • What if you got rings for the ceremony and then instead of wearing them, frame them and hang them in your house? My friend bought temporary rings for a last minute wedding. She and her husband didn't have time/money to get nice, formal rings, so they bought $4 rings at the free trade store. When they could afford nicer rings, they took the old ones and framed them. 

    I also love the tree idea. I think it's sweet and trees are awesome. I kinda want to do that now. Although, I wouldn't pull the whole tree down the aisle, it's not always great for trees, plus you'll probably track dirt and water. If it's small, it's usually in a pot, and those things leak, if it's big enough for a ball and burlap, it'll be hard to carry, plus, keeping them wet makes them WAY heavier than you'd imagine. I'd just take a clipping from the tree or the same type of tree. 
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