Friend Marrying Us - Letter of Recommendation?

Our good friend will be marrying us, and I'm reviewing the one-day marriage designation application process here in MA.  A letter of reference attesting to the applicant's "high standard of character" must be submitted along with the application.  I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into what should be included in this letter?  Or am I over thinking this, is it really just a formality?  Just want to be sure that we don't run into any hiccups with getting this approved.


Re: Friend Marrying Us - Letter of Recommendation?

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    I think it would make sense to get someone who knows your friend on a professional and personal level to write up something thats a couple of paragraphs long. I wouldn't stress about it though!
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    Ours was short and sweet - I do think it's just a formality. We had DH's father do it for a family friend to perform our ceremony. He just basically said they had known her since she was a teenager and used to babysit for DH and his sister, that she has a high amount of respect for the sanctity of marriage, and that it'd bring a personal touch to the day.  They probably just skim through it anyway - I wouldn't worry too much! The important part, of course, is the check. :) HTH!
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    Thanks so much ladies!
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