Anyone use Joe Lapiana?  We're meeting with him on Thursday.  He was recommended by another JP who was booked already, but in our email communication he seems kind of stiff.  Anyone have any experience with him?  Thanks.

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    No experience with Joe Lapiana, but I can recommend our JP!  His name is David Buczkowski, in Lexington.  He's a very friendly, professional guy with a good sense of humor.  He performed our wedding in Boston for $150.  He didn't charge us anything extra to attend the rehearsal.  He's a lawyer who happens to also be a JP, so it's not a full-time business for him like some of the JPs out there.  He did an awesome job at our wedding.  Basically we called him, and then after that most of our communication was via E-mail.  We sent him our ceremony ahead of time, and he had just 1-2 suggestions for us, and then we were set.  The only hiccup I know of with him was that he didn't introduce himself to our DOC at the wedding, and she had a mini heart attack when she thought the JP wasn't there in time, but it all worked out great--he'd actually arrived early.  ;)
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