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Has anyone been to a wedding at the Henderson House in Weston? How did it flow with the dance floor being in a separate room?

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    I have been there and it is a *beautiful* venue!  The wedding we went to was a lunch reception.  They had the ceremony on the patio (beautiful!), cocktail hour in the foyer, then lunch followed by dancing.  It worked fine for that wedding, pretty much after eating everyone went to the other room and either danced or watched the dancing.

    However, I will say that for us, we prefer to not have the dancing in a separate room.  That was a criteria for picking a venue and why we ruled Henderson House out early on.  While I love the place, I didn't like the layout for an evening reception.
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    We just booked our reception there for 10/7/12! I had the same concern as you did....not just with the dance floor in separate room but if you have over 80 guests, you have to share 2 rooms for guests to have dinner at. However, I spoke with another bride who got married there and didn't feel like it was much of an issue with the dance flow, that the staff did a good job at asking guests to move over to dance floor---plus you'll have the DJ to announce too and apparently the sound carries over to the other rooms. So I hear you, but the place was so gorgeous that we couldn't resist! They are very flexible there, offered the 10% Northeastern Univ. discount (if you or family member is an alumn)...good luck w/ your decision!
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    Thank you both for your helpful feedback!
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