affordable barn or victorian wedding venues in MA?

I have been looking for an affordable wedding venue for approx 100 guests in the north shore/MA area (or southern NH)...getting married in oct. 2012 and love the fall theme. I would LOVE to get married in a victorian mansion and/or barn of some sort. Zukas hilltop is too far, Harrington/Gibbett Hill are too expensive but something on those lines...also like Stowe Acres but it's a little dated. any other suggestions? Sometimes it's the little hidden jewel venues that are great that I just can't find! Please help!

Re: affordable barn or victorian wedding venues in MA?

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    How much is your budget (either per person or total for the reception)?
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    Try Smith Barn in Peabody. I heard they are very affordable.
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    Bedford Village Inn in NH is a really pretty, barn type venue.  My cousing got married there and it was very nice.  Not sure of cost.
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    We are getting married at the White Cliffs in Northboro, MA. It's the old Smith and Wesson estate and is old Italian Architecture. It is absolutely gorgeous! It's not a barn, but we just love it. If you check it out, there are 2 banquet coordinators. We are working with AnnMarie who is very knowledgable and extremely organized. Good luck in your search!
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    By the way if you want more info you can PM me
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    what about the Smith Barn in Peabody? I never looked at the actual site but it always looked nice to me on the website. Also, Glen Magna Farms in Danvers looks like something you might be interested in. I don't pricing for either of these places but just thought you might want to check them out...
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    Bedford Village Inn in NH is a really pretty, barn type venue.  My cousing got married there and it was very nice.  Not sure of cost.
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    We got married at Harrington and BVI is about the same as Harrington as we looked at that venue also.

    What about Nashoba  Valley Winery or doing it at Tower Hill Botanical Garden and having it catered?? Zukas is the only other I can think of that would be a lot more affordable then Harrington and Gibbet. We had a vintage Fall wedding so you are looking at very simular venues to what we did.
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    I second Smith Barn in Peabody. They were one of my top choices but my date was already taken. It is really a unique and beautiful venue. Worth looking into.
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    Smith Barn is in Brooksby Farms in Peabody.  It is a nice place, I grew up down the street from it.  My mom went to something there and said it was gorgeous.  Also the Wayside Inn in Sudbury could be worth looking into.  I'm not sure about affordability on either of these but I do know that Wayside Inn is on the smaller side about 150 or so I think.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions....looked into all of them already! We wanted Wayside but it was too pricey :( as were many of the other suggestions- Harrington Farm, Zukas (all gorgeous but too pricey!) Also loved White Cliffs! My parents got married there but we dont' have 150 guests and didn't like the smaller room upstairs....
    Would've loved the smith/brooksby barn but it's all booked up for October 2012 already :(  any other suggestions....please let me know! Our price bracket is about 11k for about 100 guests for venue...
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    Have you looked at the Commons or Willowdale... you might want to think about getting married on a Friday night or Sunday, it would be a little cheaper and you might get a better venue :) I got married at the Commons in April in the off-season it was definately worth the money :)

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    I'm not sure if it's north enough, but the Nahant Country Club is extremely comfortable and is not actually a country club anymore (they just kept the historical name). I'ts basically a Victorian mansion, with a gorgeous Victorian 2 tier ballroom (the second tier is only 3 steps up, nothing major). I'm on a fairly tight budget, and since it's a family run business they offer a lot for a really reasonable price. PM me if you want more info!
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    Check out Blissful Meadows Golf Club in Uxbridge.  The Chestnut Room is on the second floor of a historic, Victorian Barn and was built in 1880. 

    It is very beautiful there and there is farm equipment on the course you can use for photographs.

    They are reasonably priced and the food is incredible. 
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    Not sure if you found a sight for your October 2012 wedding as of yet, but I feel your "pain" in looking for this type of venue. I am also planning a wedding in Oct. of 2012 and looking for a Barn setting, but most are too expensive to rent or not available. My finance doesn't really want to try out a place I found because he wants an indoor reception (which is why I am looking for a barn - it's a compromise for us. Still rustic, but indoors and I still get my outdoor ceremony and pictures!)

    Anyhow the place I found is in Southern NH called Curtis Farms. They specialize in outdoor weddings and have various vendors that they have worked with in the past that you can chose from. They do have a barn, but it is used for the bridal party to get ready before ceremony not done for a reception. They also have a plenty of openings for next October as well. Only 1 wedding a week so you have time to decorate/get familiar with the place before the cermony/reeption. I actually just spoke to Matt yesterday and it is $3,000.00 for 100 people to rent there facility and grounds for the day. He seemed really nice and would be fun to work with. Unfortunately it is $500.00 for each 50 additional guests and we are looking at 200-250 people (fiance has a HUGE family...)

    I know you are probably thinking why is she telling me all this and not using it herself. Again my fiance wants it indoors for the reception not tented or I would. I am also passing on this information for Matt @ Curtis Famrs because he was very nice to speak to yesterday and....he is the only wedding venue/professional I have spoken to who actully at the end of our conversation congradulated me on my engagement. That was HUGE for me.
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