Weekday Bachelorette Ideas

I'm a Boston local getting married in Pittsburgh, but I'm trying to plan a friend's bachelorette up here.

Here's the issue:  Her wedding is on a Thursday.  So, the bachelorette is either on Monday night (people have to work during the day) or Tuesday evening after the rehearsal dinner that day.

Any suggestions on what to do on a weekday evening?  A lot of ideas I had (Inman Oasis, Chocolate Bar) are only free on weekends or during work hours.


Re: Weekday Bachelorette Ideas

  • plato79plato79
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    You should check out the pole dancing bachelorette parties at Gypsy Rose:

    I've been to 2 bachelorette parties here - it's a lot of fun, not skanky. They do a great job. Definitely make sure you get Wendy the owner - she was a lot more fun and better than the other girl. I think it's $40 pp and you can schedule it any time. They dont' allow alcohol at the place, so it wouldn't be an issue of people having to work the next day.

    Good luck!
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  • mia082683mia082683
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    What about some type of dinner and spa thing.. lots of spas are open well into the evenings, especially if there's a group of you.
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  • mdphdmdphd
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn't thought of an evening spa thing... I'll have to look into it.
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