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I have a question for you guys. My maid of honor is going to be a senrior in collge double majoring in two very difficult majors (two and a half hours away from me). I undersand that the maid of honor is supposed to do quite a bit but I don't want to stress her out more than she already will be with school. Would it be rude/wrong of me to to see if she wants me to distribute some of her duties to one of the other bridesmaid who is local and my mother who is more than willing to help (I live in Ohio and one bm lives in NC and the another will be attending school in CT and then one does live nearby). 
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Re: Maid of Honor Question

  • She is your Maid of Honor, not your employee. She has no "duties". All she is required to do is buy a dress and show up on the day of. 

  • She has no duties aside from being there on the wedding day itself. Hopefully she can make it to some of the pre-wedding events if you're having them (shower, b-party, etc.) but she's not required to plan/host them or plan/help you with anything related to the wedding itself.

    FWIW, my MOH was local but she worked full time and was going to law school at night. She did just fine (and, hey, even helped me out with a few things!)

    Your MOH should be the person closest to you; if that's this friend, then go for it.
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    She is your Maid of Honor, not your employee. She has no "duties". All she is required to do is buy a dress and show up on the day of. 
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    This. If she's anything like my MOH though, she obsessed over the so-called duties you find on websites and I had to spend a lot of time convincing her that none of that was necessary. If she's like this, just be sure to let her know that she's your MOH because you love her and that's it. Anything else she can do beyond the above is a bonus.
  • Only reason I asked is she has brought up trying to get things while at school more than once. Thanks for all the help guys!
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  • Make sure your MOH has the contact information for all your other BM's. I did an email sent to all just thanking them for accepting being in the party and gave them info like the date / time / location of wedding - the basic beginning stuff. From there they all have each others information. If your MOH needs to reach out for any task that she decide she wants to do, she'll have the info right there. Also, I found it a nice introduction thing. One of my BM's did this for her wedding and I totally stole it, that way we could talk amongst oursleves without including the bride in everything.
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