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Excited much?

Yesterday, I went with my mother to the bridal shoppe to look for a Mother of the Bride dress for her. While there, I was chatting with the seamstress and it came up that I now live in Connecticut. She told me how excited she was that they get brides from all over the place, and then told me that the day before she had a bride from Connecticut come in to the store. I said "Oh yeah?" and she said "Yes, she came in with her mother and her bridesmaids and they ordered everything - her dress, her mother's dress, and the bridesmaid dresses for her August 2010 wedding. She wanted to get everything done and out of the way."Hope no one changes her mind about anything in the next six months or so.

Re: Excited much?

  • ggmaeggmae member
    Thumbs up for CT! :) And yeah, that's pretty early!
  • Yeah that's a little early to be buying all of those dresses.
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  • cenglecengle member
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    Yikes that's early! Also, hope no one goes crazy and loses/gains weight or gets pregnant!  I'm only 5 months out and my mom hasn't gotten her dress yet.  She wants to lose weight and wait for the fall/winter styles to come out.
  • salt78salt78 member
    I predict a very boring rest of her engagement for that girl.
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  • eh, that's early for all the bm dresses, but im an august '10 bride & i'm already looking @ dresses.
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  • That is really early. And she's probably going to get bored for the rest of her engagement because it's already out of the way. I'm getting married in July of 2010 (actually, one year exactly from today!) and I already have my dress. I only got it because I found a brand new dress I absolutely loved at a thrift store for really inexpensive. But I'm not even thinking about looking at BM dresses until at least December, and my mom doesn't want to look at anything until she loses weight. I just don't know that I would feel comfortable doing all of that stuff so early...
  • Miss - I started looking at gowns around eleven months out and bought one my first day shopping. If you check my bio, you will see that that gown is now up for grabs because I later decided it wasn't for me. :) My personal suggestion, would be to mull some dresses over for a bit before purchasing, although I suppose not everyone has the same experience that I have.
  • I think that's pretty early for the BM and MOB dresses but not so bad for the actual wedding dress.  Lindsay, I would say definitely start looking sooner rather than later unless you know you want to buy off the rack.  Custom made gowns can take 6 months or more, and you'll want to have time for alterations especially if you're losing weight.
  • I hope nobody gains any weight in the next year. I know I gained about 30 pounds from Aug 07 to Aug 08. I didn't have a wedding on the horizon, but still.  
  • i've yet to actually try any on, because i think i'm afraid of bridal stores. i have ordered white non "wedding" dresses though.
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  • I'll admit, I bought my dress already (I'm getting married Sept. 2010), but I wasn't really expecting to do it so soon. And the other stuff is crazy...I don't think you should have even asked bridesmaids that early! My club board is absolutely ridiculous. Many of those girls are done planning already. It's annoying.
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  • God, I still want to lose weight before my May 2010 wedding.  I wasn't going to start looking for dresses until December but apparently that's too late (not planning on doing any custom made gowns or anything, will probably get it at a sample sale or off the rack). 

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  • I'm a little concerned about gaining weight (normally I'd be trying to lose, but I just spent a year doing that), but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to the fitting... I ordered the dress in March and it's scheduled to come in October. I was shocked, since I wasn't hanging around TK much and didn't know that was normal.
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  • Wow that's impressive.  I hope it's drama-free.
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