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My wedding is black tie optional- however, I got the invitations back, and this was not printed on them as originially asked. Totally my fault for missing that on the proof, but you know how it is being a bride! We have a million things to think about...

Anyway, the place that did my invites, told me that it is not neccesary to have the dress code on the invitation unless it is BLACK TIE or REALLY CASUAL.  Since the wedding is a Saturday night in nyc, most people will prb dress formal...

Thoughts? Do you think that this is a big deal, or do you think the dress code is not necessary

Thanks so much!

Re: dress code on invitation

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    Unless you want your guests to be dressed in Tuxedo's i do not think you need to worry about putting back tie optional on the invites. If you do not put it most men will be dressed in suites

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    it is considered bad form to put the dress code on your invitation. the level of formality of the event can be conveyed by the formalness of the invite: whether you use an inner envelope, script font, etc. You can also put the dress code on your wedding website. No matter what, you will probably still have that idiot guest who shows up in jeans, but most people will know to dress fairly formally for a saturday night wedding in NYC.

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    thank you everyone!
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