Not sure who to tip and how much

Hello! My wedding is in one week and I am still unsure who to tip and how much? What is customary or expected? I would appreciate any advice on this subject. I have read varying guidelines. I have a cake vendor, DJ, photographer, videographer, florist. I already plan to tip my hair and makeup team at least 20 percent.

Re: Not sure who to tip and how much

  • The general rule of thumb is to tip for good service from anyone who doesn't own their own business.  And 20% is typical.

    Personally (and I think many here will agree with  me), I tipped for good service regardless of whether or not they owned their own business.  My photogs went above and beyond (and besides me getting an amazing rate because of knowing them and booking before their businesses really took off) and though they both owned their own business, I tipped both about 20% of what their TYPICAL rates were (not what we paid).  They were amazing and I couldn't have imagined the day without either of them.  I did not tip the florist at all because I got terrible service.  I had 20% ready to go in an envelope for the DJ, which my MOH took care of at some point without me even realizing, and at the end of the night I threw an extra chunk on because he was awesome. 

    So there really isn't a hard and fast requirement--but guidelines are 20%, not necessary to tip someone who owns their business (but is always a nice guesture if you got excellent service and is never inappropriate to tip), and also be sure to check contracts because some add gratuity.  If gratuity is added you are not expected to tip above that, but can if you feel it's necessary based on yoru service.

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