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Add bridesmaids or cut out groomsmen?

When FI and I were discussing who would be in the wedding party, he listed no less than 5 groomsmen, his brother and a bunch of close friends. My problem is that I have only 3 bridesmaids. I'm a person who has only a few close friends (half of them are male, lol), and my sister is going to be maid of honor, and my two closest girl friends as my other maids. I feel rotten asking FI to cut out groomsmen to make the sides even, but I also cannot add more on my side because I honestly don't have anyone else close enough to me that I would want standing with me on my wedding day.

Is it ok for the sides to be uneven? If not I guess he's just gonna have to suck it up and cut some people, huh?
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Re: Add bridesmaids or cut out groomsmen?

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