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Unity Plant

I've never been too excited about the unity candle. As we were asking my mom if she wanted to do this, and talking about what other things people do, we came up with a unity plant. I'm marrying a farmer, and both our families live on farms, so it's very fitting. We would have both parents put dirt into a pot, and plant something. Has anyone done anything like this and have suggestions?
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Re: Unity Plant

  • We are doing a unity tree also. I've been searching all over for a guideline of the verbage. Is it possible to have the wording emailed to me as well? Thanks ladies! I would really appreciate it, wedding is in 9 days:)
  • Oh can I have that too!  lauren_m_myers@yahoo.com
  • yeah, thanks... divinespirit22@yahoo.com. I really appreciate it! Kristen
  • Hi, everyone!  I am new to the Knot and started perusing the message boards today looking for information specifically about a planting ceremony.  Could someone please email me that wording as well?  My email address is tmy124@dsl.psu.edu.   Thanks so much!!   Theresa
  • I too would be interested in the verbage for the tree planting ceremony. If someone could forward it to me that would be awesome. My e-mail address is amanda.moore.catu.07 at gmail.com
  • Just sent the last 4 requests our wording
  • This is a FANTASTIC idea! I would love to be able to incorporate this into our wedding as well. We are having our ceremony outdoors and the theme is nature driven. Is there anyway that someone can email me the tree planting ceremony verbage please? I would appreciate it so much. Thank you! missfallon333@gmail.com
  • Just sent the last two requests our wording.
  • Thanks again for sending the words to me, it is beautiful!
  • Please email me the wording for the unity tree ceremony! Thank you very much!!!  kelleyword@yahoo.com
  • We just bought a nice pot, small tree and two watering cans. Can't remeber the exact cost-but it was under $15.
  • That's fantastic! Thanks :-D
  • I like the idea.  But better make sure you take care of that plant! Plants tend to die around me lol and if that one died it would just be sad.  like the love fern haha. 
  • Please send me the wording as well

    Thanks :)
  • Love this idea.  Please send me the wording.  THANKS. 

  • I'm new to the knot and have just starting browsing through the discussions. Would it be possible for you to also send me the wording for the plant ceremony, it's an idea I've always loved and am glad to see this might help! Thanks

  • I would love the wording too! if its not too late :) I am having an outdoor wedding and will have a tree that is native to the area (i love in Colorado, so probably an aspen). Thanks!!

    my email is: jtilley@sunflower.com

  • love this.  I wanted a sand ceremony because candles also did not appeal to me but my FI doesn't like the sand idea but he loves plants and nature so this is perfect..aka I would also like the working akakoli@gmail.com
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    Guys, I wouldn't put your email addresses in this thread. PM them to the person you want to have it. You don't need a Knot account to look at the boards and there are crazy people out there.
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  • oo this is an old post too..I only read the date of the person above me.  its my junk email address...lots of crazies has it already but it is a good piece of advice. 
  • Maybe someone could just post the wording in this thread?
  • I'm curious to see and hear how the plant unity went. It sounds like should a good idea for my wedding.
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