More advice - this time about your dress.

This is more advice for our magazine. We'll have a few Knottie quotes in this piece so your knot name will be used.


What’s your best dress advice? I’d love to hear fashion advice like, “Don’t be afraid to wear color or statement earrings.” Or “I love a cardigan w/ a wedding dress for pics.” Or practical advice is also great (I know that you have plenty of that.)

I’ll post this on the Attire and Accessories board too (or make it a Hot Topic), but your advice from earlier was amazing!



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Re: More advice - this time about your dress.

  • 1) Don't let the sales people say you must order it today.  If you're ordering it, you can order it tomorrow, or three weeks from now.  It can't go anywhere if it hasn't been made yet.  That was one way we decided on where we bought the dress - the sales people weren't pushy, and I could get completely comfortable.

    2) Wear undergarments that give you a shape closest to what you want for the wedding day.  That way, you'll be able to see what you'll look like.  And wear underwear with decent coverage.

    3) Clear your mind so your head doesn't get stuck in a rut.  Let the consultants (or your guests, depending on the salon) put some things on you that you normally might not try.  You never know what will stick out when you have a clear head.

    4) Make sure you're comfortable in the dress.  I'm completely uncomfortable in a strapless gown (as was made painfully clear by a consultant who would not stop getting them for me) so you can be happy for the entire day.
  • Don't buy something just because someone says you look gorgeous in it.  Pick what YOU love.
  • It is perfectly okay to like the second dress you try on and say this is it.  If it's perfect then why keep looking?
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  • 1. Boobs need to be covered.
    2. Less is more.
    3. What looks good in a magazine may not look good on you.
    4. Make sure you can move freely in your wedding dress. You have to be able to sit, bend and move comfortably.
    5. Try dresses on that are not your style, it may surprise you.

    6. It is okay to fall in love with the first dress you try on.
    7. It is also okay to not find "the dress" the first time you try on wedding gowns.
    8. Do not forget to add alteration costs to your budget.
    9. Do not wear a dress that engulfs you.

    10. Get what you love, not what everyone else loves.

  • For me, it was to follow my heart, and not what tradition dictated. I had narrowed my dresses down to two; one that I liked, and one that I loved. But the one that I loved was not white...or even a shade of white. I was truly conflicted; I felt people would judge my choice if it wasn't white, or ivory--the typical bridal colors. In the end, I went with what I loved--and that means I'll be walking down the isle in a coffee colored dress---and I couldn't be happier in defying tradition.
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  • Go to more than one store!  I totally regret not shopping around more before choosing a dress.
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    In Response to Re: More advice - this time about your dress.:
     It's completely normal to second guess yourself after purchasing the dress.  If you really think there is a problem, talk to a seamstress, but most likely it's all in your head. I think Beatles will co-sign that one with me =)
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    Late, but co-signed with a flourish. ;)

    Within the same issue, if you are having doubts about the dress, have people with fresh eyes look at you or a picture of you in it (i.e., someone who has never seen you in the dress). The knot boards are a great place to do this, and to get honest, fairly objective advice on how the dress looks on you. Also, if you buy your dress and bring it home, try to keep from trying it on every other day!

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    If you choose strapless, make sure you can raise your arms overhead and jump up and down without it slipping down too far, so THIS doesn't happen (NSFW)

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  • When shopping, don't wear a thong unless you want a complete stranger to see it too.

    When trying on a dress, don't pass up the ones that have zero hanger appeal.  My dress was actually two pieces and it wasn't what I would have picked but I LOVED it.

  • Such great advice. Thank you all so much! This is the Summer 2010 issue, so I'll always let you know if/when your knot names are quoted.

    (BTW, Alix, I did the exact same thing and all was good in the end.)

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