How to handle tipping cake vendor?

Small issue but one I have been grappling with.  I will be at the ceremony when the vendor arrives to set up our cake.  She will be leaving before we are at the reception location.  Do I give the tip for this vendor to the person who will be overseeing the set up of the cake?  Or, as we are going to see and give final approval of the cake the day before (as I as not able to do a tasting due to distance, she has asked me to come in to do a final approval the night before) should I give it then?

Neither feels totally right as in one case it will be before services are rendered, cancelling out the whole point of a tip.  But in the other case, I will not be there to approve the set up (not that I anticipate issues) so it would be a vendor who gets a tip on a set up I have not seen which makes me feel a little like I am not tipping her but someone else is.  I guess it probably doesn't matter, but if I tip a vendor, I want them to know it is because I loved what they did.

*sigh*  and thoughts?

Re: How to handle tipping cake vendor?

  • You could always send a check with a note after the fact.
  • Do you have an event manager at your reception location or DOC that could hand over the tip? If not I like Hockey's suggestion.
  • No event manager.  We are, at least at this point, having the reception at the home of my future SIL.  This is part of the issue...I am not even sure WHO will be there to supervise cake set up.  Maybe I will drop the tip off after the wedding directly to the vendor, as we will be around the day after and the Monday after (we are heading home to CA after the wedding, the honeymoon is next year).  
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