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So I think I know the answer to this but..... we just received our first wedding present!  Our wedding isn't until the end of July... do I send the thank you card now or wait until after the wedding? I assume wait but wanted to be 100% sure !
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Re: Thank You Note Question

  • You assume incorrectly.  Send it now.  Don't use the gift until after the wedding, unless you're prepared to replace it if need be.

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  • You definitely have to send the thank you note now, no two ways about it.
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  • You should send the thank you now. The sooner the better, or else you'll forget it about it. I sent my thank you notes the day after my bridal shower.
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    Always send the thank you note right after you receive something. Open the present and make sure it is intact and then do not use it. If you get a check before the wedding cash it but do not spend it, people need to have their check book balanced. 
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  • Its up to you, the sooner the better, but etiquette says 6-8 weeks after your ceremony.  I have been to two weddings this past year and got my thankyou 7-9 months after... and that to me is just rude no need to wait!
  • My mother is keeping our wedding gifts until the wedding, she's oldschool. She thinks wedding presents should be enjoyed after a wedding. Anyways our thank yous will go out right after our wedding. 
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