Feeling Obligated

My fiancé and I received an engagement gift from one of my relatives that I wasn't planning on adding to the guest list. She is my mother's cousin who I hadn't seen for about 15 years until this weekend. I know she was on my mother's list of people she would like to invite to our wedding, but my fiancé and I are trying to keep the guest list to people we would actually recognize if they came. After receiving this gift I now feel obligated to invite my mother's cousin and her husband to the wedding. Should I add her to the guest list or am I over-thinking the situation?
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Re: Feeling Obligated

  • Don't worry about it, you can't accomodate everyone - especially people you haven't seen in 15 years! Just send her a sincere thank you note and tell her it was nice to see her this weekend. Just to be clear though - did you see her this weekend at your engagement party, or something else?
  • It sounds like she just received a gift, possible in the mail.

    OP, I don't think you're obligated. People may send gifts just out of happiness for you. It doesn't mean that you're obligated to invite them. If you're on the fence though, and it's important to your mom, I'd probably invite her if it were me, personally.
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  • I don't think you have to invite them just because they sent you a gift.  Someone sent me and my FI a gift that I would never, ever want at my wedding.  We'll probably get gifts from people we just can't afford to invite.  Most people will understand.

    However, if it turns out that you can fit more people in or you end up having a larger wedding, I'd consider it since it seems to be important to your mom.
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