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Who got married (or been to a wedding) at the Alger House?

Looking to speak to someone about it.  Specifically, there's some concern about the lack of bathrooms (there are only 2).  Thanks.

Re: Who got married (or been to a wedding) at the Alger House?

  • We went and looked at the space right after we were engaged back in February. I was really excited to see the site, but very dissapointed once we got there. First, there was a dead mouse practically right outside the door. What that said to me was that they had a rodent problem. Then the steps, they are rather steep and rickety and wouldnt work for my older relatives. The space itself is very pretty, but did seem much smaller than I thought it would be. The upstairs bathroom and lounge were beautiful but me and FI had one overarching reaction to the site- it smelled bad. It was musty and smelled a bit like cat urine. Yes I am serious! The coordinator ( Mario?) kept us waiting upstairs in the lounge area at least 20 minutes. He was nice enough, although a bit snarky and overbearing- not my kind of guy. Sorry for the blunt assesment but you asked!
  • Thanks.  I had mixed feelings about (liked that it was very different from the traditional wedding scene), but ultimately decided it was too small and didn't want my guests lining up for the bathroom. 

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