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We are struggling with children at the reception, we are having an "adult only" reception, Im just not sure where to tastfully put this and how to deal with my bridal party who all have kids and are all from out of town.  Do we provide babysitters, just provide names.... We were looking into On-site babysitting but it maybe way out of our price range

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    Don't put "adults only" anywhere; simply only address the invitations to the adults in the family.

    I have heard of exceptions for family's children or in your case WP children. However, you can also not invite ALL kids and be fine. You don't have to provide a sitter. Adults go out all the time without their kids, and if they want to and are comfortable doing that, they probably have their own sitter/family members they prefer to baby-sit anyhow. If your WP members won't be able to travel without their children, I think making an exception just for WP members is fine.

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  • I'm in the same boat.  I've had family and wedding party spread the word and I'm specifically listing everyone out on the inner-invite to make it clear.  I'm not providing babysitters.  EXCEPT, for my flower girl and ring bear, both relatives.  I'm inviting the flower girls aunt (sister-in-laws sister) and after the festivity they will being heading out.   I don't think I'd directly put this on the invites, just spread the word.  People will understand, its not uncommon and they know its kind of ridiculous to spend all that money for a kid who will eat 3 bites...
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  • I wish they did understand, we have at least one relative that does not consider their 12 year old and 8 year old "children".  Then on the other side of the spectrum some in my wedding party have under 2 year olds that they are hesitant leaving with strangers.  We are going to try to gently remind his aunts when we go to our shower next week.  I just don't want this to start a major tiff at our wedding.  We are trying to include them by having the children included in the Rehersal dinner so that the children get to be involved in something. ( Our rehearsal dinner will be lower key and for all out of town guests)

    Thanks for the help, we did change our Response card so it Reads
    hopefully that way they will see that it is a response for only two people, we will see if it works :)
  • No, you shouldn't include children at the RD, actually.  Prewedding party invitation = wedding invitation.  Not to mention the fact that I would guess most people with children would leave the kids at HOME with a babysitter/family member, not in their hotel.

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