Question about Thank You's

I'm filling out thank you's as we speak (our wedding was 3 weeks ago, so I want to get them out this weekend) and I was wondering is it necessary to write a thank you for people who gave us a card, but no gift. At first, I thought I should, but now it seems silly writing "thank you for your card".

Can I save myself the time and skip these people? We thanked them with the reception right?

Re: Question about Thank You's

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    I would not send a thank-you for a card.  sending a card to thank someone for a card seems silly.  Then do they send you a thank-you for your thank-you?  

    I guess if you want to you could say "Thank you so much for being there to share our day.  We loved the beautiful card you sent us, it was gorgeous and so meaningful"

  • TY notes are for gifts. 

    Sending a thank you note for just a card could appear to be fishing for a gift.  Save yourself the time. The reception is a thank you for guests attending.
  • Thanks for the responses! That's what I thought.
  • In my circle it's normal to send a TY to everyone who attended, gift or not.  However, it's not required.
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