Future Sister-in-Law in bridal party? Help!

Hello everyone!

First off, I'm new to The Knot, so I appologize if this topic has been covered to death...I'm not very forum-saavy, so please be gentle with me! :)

A question of ettiquette: my fiance and I are planning our wedding for next Sept, and we have come up with our bridal party list, but haven't confirmed with everyone yet. My fiance has 2 brothers, a step brother, and a sister. Both brothers will be included as his groomsmen, along with two other close friends. He is undecided as to whether he will have his step brother included as well, as they are not very close.
My question is: if he includes his step brother, then literally all of his siblings will be members of the bridal party except his sister. Am i expected to ask her to be one of my bridesmaids to include her as well? I am an only child, so my bridesmaids are all close friends...I would have to exclude one in order to include my future sister-in-law and make an even number to match my fiance's groomsmen.

What do I do? Please also know, I've never even met his sister, so she may not even want to be included, as she doesn't know me from Eve. Is it bad taste to not even ask her?

Thanks in advance!
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