Invite or not to invite co-workers?

I started a new job 6 months ago and am sending my invitations out this week.  I really like my co-workers and new manager.  We go out for happy hours and I always have a lot of fun.  But I've only known them for 6 months. My fiance is inviting a few of his co-workers, but many of them he knew before he worked there and he's been at his job for almost 2 years.

Our guest list is 100 people, so it is a small wedding.  It would be 7 additional people + significant others, so we'd be adding 14 ppl (I'd be excluding people outside my dept). 

Re: Invite or not to invite co-workers?

  • The other invitations are about to go out- I've put off sending them out until I decide. 

    I just worry that it would be awkward to invite them and have them there.  I'm not THAT close with them (I have one friend who I've become closer with but she is in a wedding that day) but I do like them.  Like, if I had a fight with my fiance, I absolutely would not talk to them about it.  But on the other hand, we joke around a lot and have fun in the office or at happy hour. 

    I hate making decisions!
  • I would say with the size of your wedding, and the short amount of time you have known them, don't invite them. 

    I invited a lot of coworkers, but I worked there for 7 years, and almost all of them had met H multiple times.
  • I say if you want them to be there, then invite them and don't over-think it. If they don't want to go, they won't go, and if they want to, they will. 

  • I'm a teacher and I worked at my previous school all last year before transferring to a new high school for the upcoming year. I am inviting all the people I taught with on my wing.. I'm also inviting my new teaching partner and his wife. However, I am a little over 3 months out and I think with only 49 days, that's cutting it close. How is your budget? Could you accomodate these people? If it won't break the bank, I say go for it if you want them to be there.
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  • I would say if you DO end up wanting to invite them, send those invitations out by Monday. You're cutting it a little close, and you don't want them to feel B-listed if they go out super late.

    As for inviting them: I could go both ways. I think if it's in your budget and space allows, you like them and hope to know them better and work there awhile, why not? I don't think it's a huge deal they haven't met FI. I work in a different city than where I live, so even though I got to be pretty good friends with some co-workers I invited, they never met H until the wedding.

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  • If it is in your budget, I don't see why not.  It depends on the structure of your job, though.  If it adds additional complications (e.g., why wasn't everyone invited?), don't bother.
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  • Well we are paying for our wedding ourselves, so we are trying to keep the budget as tight as possible (we've gone over quite a bit but also make more money than when we began planning).  To invite 10-14 more people would cost around $1000 extra.  I'd like to save the money but I'm more focused on what the right decision is. 

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