Wording help

Hello E Ladies,
I need your help (Please and Thank you)
English is my second language and I'm having a hard time figuring out the right way to do this.
We are having gust RSVP via the web and/or phone
How do I word it on the card?

Thank you in advance.

Re: Wording help

  • Please respond by (RSVP date) by phone to (name and number) or via our website: (site)

    But a word of warning:  This does not work out well for many people. 

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
  • Thank you J&K we have about 4-5 older people from Fi's side we will be providing regular cards - we are trying to be green and do as much as we can paperlss

  • I'm glad you have a plan for the older folks.

    Just don't be surprised if you have to track down a lot of people (though, I used cards and still had to track down almost half our guestlist, so I guess it doesn't much matter!)

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
  • Again, ditto J. I had to track down soo many of my rsvps. And they were all traditional cards. 
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