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Budget Dresses?

Hi, Everyone -

I live in Columbus, OH, but am heading to NYC for work in a few weeks.  Any recos on where to go dress shopping on a budget?  Secret places with unique dresses???


Re: Budget Dresses?

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    Wedding Atelier is really nice, but mostly 3k and up (some sample sale dresses, but very few)... on 5th Ave.

    Macys Bridal is nice too, and they have a ton of dresses at all price ranges.... they are all by one designer though, so I'd check out some photos online first. 

    All places require reservations and some even CC to hold the appointment, so make sure to book a reservation in advance!
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    Thx, Maria!  I'm so glad you let me know about the appointment information.  Will definitely call ahead.

    Thank you!
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    You might also try The Bridal Garden (, which has sample dresses and you can negotiate on the prices. 
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    I'd go to RK Bridal, but bring a friend to help you look through stuff because it's very do-it-yourself (and no appointments).  There were a lot more budget-friendly dresses than at the snazzy bridal salons (and I even found my dress there!)...
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    I second the Bridal Garden.  I got a great sample dress there for 3K less than retail.  You do need to make an appointment though.  
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  • shellylee1972shellylee1972
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    RK bridal.  lots of choices under 1,000
    no reservations.  wait your turn to try on gowns.  but once it is your turn the bridal consultant is extremely helpful, friendly, not rushed at all.
    bridal consultant Gilda was great!  she found my dress for me!!
  • Hi! I strongly recommend Birnbaum&Bullock. They have gorgeous dressed under 1700 in the Rober Bullock collection. And yes, you need appointment!
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