Bridal shower- who pays?

So my FMIL and FSIL (who is a bridesmaid) are throwing me a bridal shower next month. I've not been involved with the planning obviously, they just asked me to get them a list of people I would like to invite other than family.

Well, we were at FMIL's house last night for dinner and they were talking about still needing to find a place for the shower. There are a couple restaurants in the area with banquet rooms that they want to possibly use. The topic of cost came up and FSIL mentioned that between the 5 of my bridesmaids it would be pretty cheap to rent out one of the places. Now, 3 of the 5 are FI's sisters so I'm assuming they're all on the same page. But, the other two are my close friends and they've had no part in planning this shower.

Am I wrong or is it totally a no-no to expect them to help pay for a shower they didn't plan, and for that matter may not even be able to attend? If they had been asked to help plan and asked IF they would be able to contribute anything up front, I suppose it would be different, but now the date is set, they've narrowed the location down to two possibilities, and I'm afraid they're just going to ask my friends to send them a check for X amount for a party that they had no say in. Am I overreacting or is this kind of backward?


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