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Wedding/Reception same room?

Is this a crazy idea??My FI and I are basically paying for the wedding/reception ourselves... My mom is giving $1K- (includes my dress and helping with invites), My GMA is making the food, and paying for it(big help here!)  The hall we are renting for the reception is pretty good sized and we will have 100 guests... I have been desperately looking for a place to hold a small ceremony that is cheap as we were going to just do the city hall thing at first to save money as the party is more important to me than the ceremony location.... I just had a thought though while scoping out ceremony venues... The rental price for hall is for all day-  Why don't we just hold the simple ceremony in the same room already decorated for the reception?  I was thinking of doing a ballon arch or floral arch on the dance floor for the backdrop...  The civil ceremony would be short and sweet- I have a MOH and he has a Best Man that is it....  So the guests would sit at the tables where they would be eating dinner after the ceremony-This would save $ as we only have to pay the officiant to come to the hall we are already using-but I don't know if people would think its weird... otherwise we would only have 10 of the 100 guests at the ceremony.  This way everyone could see..... Hmmmmm Thoughts?

Re: Wedding/Reception same room?

  • I'm a BM in a wedding that is doing exactly this.  It is also an idea I've had in the back of my mind for when FI & I start really planning.
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  • I think that would work perfectly! I think people would appreciate seeing the ceremony as well as the simplicity of only going to one location for the evening. I doubt anybody would think it was weird....
  • Sure!  This is what we are doing. and I love the idea.  No one has to drive anywhere in between.  :)
  • We are having ours at the same place/same room.  I think it is a lot easier than having everyone go from place to place. 
  • We're doing it and it's so much cheaper! I have been to a wedding like this before and it worked well! Best of luck!
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  • If the party is more important to you than the ceremony, then why even bother with the ceremony at all? Just hold your party and devote all your money/attention to that.
  • My dad did this when he got remarried a couple of years ago, and it worked out great!
  • Thanks everyone for the responses!!  :)  I discussed it with my FI and he is on board as well as my sister.... LOL  I was going to just do a ceremony @ the courthouse, but it is my FI wedding too and he didnt seem to like that idea... plus this really isn't really an added expense as the hall will all ready be decorated for the reception...  I am really getting excited.... My wedding is on 80 days away..... I am all for planning under pressure, eh?  We are going to check out reserve the hall on Friday and plan to meet with teh officant next week...  :) Now how to transistion between wedding and reception in the same room..... I am working on this one...
  • We are having everything at the same place. We are doing the ceremony outside, but if in good old Ohio fashion it rains we will have to have the ceremony right on the dance floor.
  • We're doing the wedding in a large hotel suite in Vegas.  For the ceremony, we'll roll out an aisle runner and gather in front of the windows (floor to ceiling with an amazing view), then we'll roll up the carpet and start serving food to get the reception going.  I know other girls who've done the same thing, and they said it worked great.
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  • We're having our ceremony & reception in the same place as well. We'll have the ceremony outside, take our pics while the guests grab a drink and find their seats, then have our grand enterance. Is there a nice area outside that you can have the ceremony? Either way I think there is nothing wrong with having the ceremony and reception in the same place. Your guests will appreciate being there for the ceremony.
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  • We are planning on doing something similar to Kristen's - where we may have the ceremony outside and the reception inside. There is nothing wrong with doing this - if anything, I think your guests will be grateful they don't have to travel from the wedding ceremony site to the reception =)
  • I am also planning to have our ceremony/reception at the same place, and its saving a ton of money.  Prior to me changing my mind to do e'thing together; the chapel I was going to use was $900 and after weeks of soaking this in I couldn't stomach paying almost 1K for 1hour !!!! So glad that I changed my mind    
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