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So I finalllly sat down today and watched a whole long marathon of Say Yes to the Dress I had on DVR. I never really watched it before. I pretty much couldn't take it. I wanted to reach through the screen and dress people myself. I also wanted to smack almost every one. And WTF is with the Pnina obsession? They seem like dresses for trashtastic brides. 20K? Good grief.

I think it was because I watched so many in a row. Can any one else not handle this show?

ps- it realllly makes me want to go dress shopping again. just for the fun of it. just to try on really outrageous stuff I was way to scared to try on when I was so concerned with finding 'the one.'


  • I missed you!! 

    Yeah, I may have also watched all those episodes.  I like watching it but I do have to question certain people's taste level.  A lot.  Pnina was so popular in the earlier episodes it's ridiculous.

    Watching it does totally make me want to go shopping again too. 
  • I watched a few hours of the marathon when it aired. I think some brides make great choices, while others choose dresses that really don't flatter their figures. But hey, whatever makes them happy I guess!

    Oh, and I 100% agree on the Pnina thing. Most of those dresses (especially the see-through ones!) look gross.
  • Oh hey my favorite ladies!!

    See that is the thing GG, I realllly think some of them are more into making their family/entourage happy. It actually made me lol though that one mom called her daughter in a pick up dress an asparagus. Other brides though just want to complain about stuff. They love having people dance around them like puppets.

    On another front the sad news is that I think we are flying to Florida for the holidays so early that I can't make the NYC trip. It saves us about 300 dollars to fly out earlier and I have to be back earlier to deal with the club NYE party. Frown
  • I like looking at pretty dresses, I won't lie.

    The people who spend 20k on something gaudy annoy me, though.
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  • Oh, and it does make me want to try on dresses again. Seeing as I only tried on 6 dresses in less than an hour, I feel like I kinda missed out on some level. Oh well!
  • I love this show because I'm still obsessed with wedding dresses :).  I don't get 99% of the Pnina dresses though.  What I never understand are brides that have a budget of $5000 for a dress, but fall in love with a $12000 dress and buy it.  Um, how can you go over your budget by 2x?!?

    I suggest we all leave our wedding bands at home, go to Kleinfelds and see how we look as trashtastic brides :)
  • Aw, Meg - that's sad for us, but good for you if you can save that much $$. If you miss this GTG, it just means you and I will have to get together sometime after the holidays. :)

    And on the dress topic, I LOLed when that girl who had tried on 8902398753 dresses couldn't find one at Kleinfeld's that she "loved" and then blamed the consultant for not listening to what she wanted. And then there was the mom who said it didn't matter what her daughter (the bride!) wanted!
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    Meaghan - No GTG?FrownCry

    If we're planning a Kleinfeld trip someone needs to figure out how to disguise me.  I could just tell them we're having another wedding, right?  And this time my budget is HUGE.
  • I would definitely try on this Lea Ann Belter. I love the lace back look and always wondered how it would look. And I would try on ball gowns. I doubt I would ever have actually worn one but I was so anti-ball gown when shopping I never actually tried them. Part of me wishes I had... what is more bridal than feeling like a cup cake if only for a few moments? :)


  • I just saw an episode the other day where the saleslady was really pushy (that's not new, but anyway) and she kept complaining about the woman wasting her time. I can understand that with some of the customers they deal with, but this woman was really sweet and just wasn't ready to buy yet. She was really nice about it, and then got completely turned off by the saleslady, thank goodness, and left. In the middle of that another saleslady (consultant?) came in and tried to steal back the dress the poor woman had on because she apparently wasn't supposed to have it in the first place, another bride called dibs.
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  • Absolutely. We need to do the Kleinfelds trip. I remember one episode where the consultant was complaining about brides who just 'come to look' instead of buy. Um hello? I would imagine most people go to look on most trips. We, of course, would be doubly bad.

    I bet we could get on the show too if out 'catch' was being knottie buddies who support each other. We could make a big show out of falling all over each other to say each of us should buy a Pnina gown or something realllly above our budget.

    Can we get Keesha as our consultant? I love her.
  • I saw that one TLV.  That girl was terrible.

    I've never seen my associate on the show.  Not even in the background.  Of course, she was totally sweet and quiet and not at all pushy so that might have something to do with her lack of airtime.
  • Exactly TLV. I mean, I can understand it has to be frustrating to just watch girls play dress up all day when you are trying to make a living. But really, you will never have any customers or good word of mouth business if you cram the dress down people's throats.

    I saw one where some girl got caught trying to cram a wedding dress in her purse. Instead of kicking her out for attempted theft or calling the cops they just 'watched her closely' hoping to get her to buy. Oh man they are cut throat for a sale.
  • Did you see the episode with the sorority sisters who were there just to try on dresses?  I can never figure out why they told them they had a budget of like $2k.  If you're there for fun, live it up and say your budget is at least $15k.  That's what I plan to do when we go on our knottie kumbaya trip.
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